Last Updated: 15 January 2013

[CIA 13,220] Application67 

(1) All aircraft registered in Fiji or operated by an operator domiciled in Fiji in flight over the high seas shall comply with the requirements of Annex 2 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944) except that, on flights over those parts of the high seas where a Contracting State has accepted, pursuant to a regional air navigation agreement, the responsibility of providing air traffic services, the aircraft registered in Fiji, or operated by an operator domiciled in Fiji shall comply with the rules and procedures notified by that State as being applicable in that airspace.

[s 67 am LN 82 of 2009 reg 35, effective 6 February 2010]

(2) These Regulations, other than regulations 70(2) and 78, shall not apply to or in relation to—
  • (a)any lighter-than-air aircraft which at any stage of its flight is not more than 2 metres in any linear dimension including any basket or other equipment attached to it;
  • (b)any kite weighing not more than 2 kilograms;
  • (c)any other aircraft weighing not more than 5 kilograms.